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TOKYO, I'm comin for ya...

Wow. I've always wanted to do something like this. I've always wanted a place where I can share my most exciting thoughts, special moments, and newest adventures. I never thought I had much to say, but being a 22 year old with big dreams in this time period has really made me think. And then I thought, what a better time than the present. There is nothing like the now, and what better time to start sharing my thoughts as I embark on a journey half way across the world! I'll be traveling to Tokyo, Japan for one month to teach at the Hinton Battle Dance Academy and words can't even begin to describe how flipping excited I am! Like Tokyo! Really?! I've never been that far and thought I would be going somewhere so beautiful. There is something so beautiful about reflection, and I will be using this blog to share all of the exciting things happening while I'm over there. There is nothing like engulfing yourself in a new world to make you really start thinking about your own. If you end up reading and following, that's wonderful and amazing and I'll love you forever. If you don't that's fine too! But I do hope that my thoughts and moments can give you a little bit more insight into who I am and the spiritual journey I'm consistently on.


Bahama Ballerina Out

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