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The New York Times

Generally, members of Ailey II, led by the artistic director Troy Powell, remain in the second company for two years, a time frame mandated by Ailey himself. Does Courtney Celeste Spears really need such a training ground? True, she had little quality choreography to prove her worth, but even that couldn’t mask the speed, clarity and elegance of spirit in her supple dancing. She’s a natural.

Broadway World

In contrast, however, the kinetic third piece, Something Tangible, was flawless. Choreogpraher Ray Mercer led the ensemble cast into a series of vignettes that refelct sensations of love, passion, fear and self-doubt." Lithe limber, Courtney Celeste, Jacoby Pruitt and Nathaniel Hunt were standounts.

Holiday for Hanging

 Gêmeos, choreographed by Jamar Roberts and performed by Courney Celeste Spears and Jacoby Pruitt lent itself to playful competition chock full of highly controlled muscular strength and grace.....Others that shown brightly were Courtney Celeste Spears and Jacoby Pruitt, who both impressed in Gêmeos; but for Spears the full reach of her talent came out in I am the Road. 

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